Duration: 11 days
Location: Iran

Real Iran Package 11 days cultural tour considering Portuguese castle in Qeshm




International flight


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International flight

Why Real Tour to Iran?

Iranians have a centuries old reputation for being a very hospitable people, especially when it comes to foreign guests. This dates back to a time when nomadic people roamed the Middle East and Central Asia. The hospitality tradition has only intensified in recent years, and with so few Western travelers coming to Iran these days, many who do go are overwhelmed by the warm welcome.

What we provide for you

  • Accomodation in requested Hotel.
  • All transportation in VIP cars.
  • Professional tour guide during all the tour.

Day 1 – International flight toward Iran

Departure from international airports towards Iran. Embark on regular International flight to Shiraz.  Night on board.


Arrival, assistance in landing formalities, (SALAAM means Hello!!!) welcome party in
 Shiraz Airport and transfer to the hotel. Distribution of the rooms, check-in and free time
to rest to define locally. Home visits to the capital of the Great Persia Empire. City tour
highlighting the NarisolMolk Mosque, the tombs of Saadi and Hafez poets(Globally wellknown
 Poets), Garden Palace Narenjestan, Ali eybyn Hamze holy shrine(Islamic religious
 historical holy shrine). Overnight at Hotel.


Famous romantic botanical Eram garden, the Vakil complex with its mosque and bazaar,
Naranjestan cultural palace and shah cheragh holy shrine (Islamic religion Shrines).
Overnight at Hotel.

Day4-Perspolice, Pasargad, Naghshe Rostam, Abarkuh heading to Yazd

Departure to visit Persepolis and complete the ceremonial capital of the Cyrus the great
empire, one of the most spectacular archaeological sites that has survived to the present
day. It is a complex of ruins with tombs, houses and palaces, classified as World Heritage
by UNESCO in 1979. Visit the “Valley of the Kings Persians”, highlighting the 
Necropolis Naqshe Rostam and Passargad.
 Continue trip to Yazd. Visiting one of the oldest trees of the world in Abarkuh 
Village, (approximately 4000 years old). Arriving Yazd and accommodation in Hotel


Yazd is called heart of the desert. Hiking, walking, the Medina and the historic center
 with its typical adobe houses and wind towers that characterize this city. Highlighting the
 Tower of Silence, where once the dead were placed to be eaten by vultures, practice seen
as more respectful and environmentally friendly, Temple Zoarostrian fire, Amir
Chakhmagh Square as well as central mosque. Leaving Yazd to Isfahan. Isfahan is known
as “NESF-e-Jahan” which means “Middle of the World”. Walking by Zayanderood (the
river that divides city to two parts). Visiting Sio-se pol and pole khaju (historical
 handmade bridges) that connect two separate parts of the city. Overnight at Hotel.

Day6- Isfahan

Isfahan is known as the capital of Islamic contemporary arts. Mosques, palaces, entire
 business districts, public parks and others, declared World Heritage by UNESCO since
1979. Special emphasis on the Plaza de Iman, known as Maydan Shah-e, or Naqshe
Jahan, classified World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1979. With a size of 502 by 162
meters, it is surrounded by arcades and historic buildings like the Shah Mosque or the
 Imam, the Lotfollah Mosque with inscriptions of the great calligrapher Shah Abbasi,
 the Aliqapou Palace and the old Bazaar. Visit to Chehel Soton Palace. Overnight at 

Day 7-Isfahan-Abyaneh-Kashan -Tehran

Visit to Vank Church, a cathedral related to the history of St. Gregory “the Illuminator,”
who brought Christianity to Armenia and Armenian architecture that combines elements 
with Persian design. Departure to visit the village of Abyaneh. It is a unique and especial 
place, that everyone should visit it because of the traditional habits especially in colorful 
dress of the women. Departure to Kashan. Visit the Fin Garden and home Broujerdi.
 Heading Tehran and hotel check overnight at Hotel.

Day 8-Qeshm Island

Traveling to Qeshm Island. This island is located a few kilometers off the southern coast
of Iran (Persian Gulf), opposite the port cities of Bandar Abbas. Historical records
concerning the Qeshm island date far back into the pre-Islamic era. The castle was built
by Portuguese commander Alfonso de Albuquerque when his forces seized the island in
 the early sixteenth century. This castle was built in the year 1030 AH. Retruning to 

Day 9-Tehran

Home visits to the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Special emphasis on the 
Golestan Palace, former royal palace of Qajar dynasty and the Museum of Jewellery.
 Archaeological Museum, with its rich collection that includes a Cyrus mural “The
 Great”. Tajresh traditional Bazar and Emamzade Saleh holy shrine.Overnight at Hotel.


The Glass and Ceramics Museum, the Cultural Complex Saadabad, whereused to be the 
winter palace of Shah (king), who gives us life style of Reza Shah Pahlavi idea, the last
 Shah(king) of the country and the Niavaran Palace. 
Evening visit of Milad Tower, Milad Tower, also known as Tehran Tower, is a multipurpose
 Iranian concrete tower built in 2007. It stands at 435 m from base to the tip of
 the antenna. Transfer to the airport.

Day11-International flight

Rest of the night on